Nada Elbuluk, MD: New Research on Psychological Comorbidities in Patients with Vitiligo

Dr. Elbuluk discusses a recently published retrospective chart review that she and her colleagues published in the Archives of Dermatological Research, which included all patients diagnosed with vitiligo treated at a private hospital and a public hospital over a period of ten years, with a focus on associated psychiatric comorbidities. She summarizes the findings of rates of anxiety and depression in patients with vitiligo in terms of gender, race, and socioeconomic status.

Jaqueline Watchmaker, MD: Personal Perspectives

Dr. Watchmaker discusses her own experience using a novel serum (Mystro Active Balance Serum; Skinbetter Science) in patients looking to improve erythema and their post-procedure regimen.

Jaqueline Watchmaker, MD: Optimizing Post-procedural Skincare

Dr. Watchmaker reviews encouraging results from a clinical study that evaluated the compatibility of a novel serum (Mystro Active Balance Serum; Skinbetter Science) for use with patients undergoing non-ablative fractional laser treatments and medium depth chemical peels.