Natural Hair Supplements: Trends and Myths Untangled

Hair thinning is a complex issue that generates significant concern for those who are affected. Patients exploring medical treatments have limited options, and are increasingly turning to natural therapies. With a plethora of unsubstantiated information on the market regarding hair and skin supplements, more patients are seeking advice from healthcare...

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Expert Perspectives in Targeted Phototherapy

In this four-video series, experts in the field of medical dermatology discuss current and new treatment options for psoriasis and vitiligo.

Journal Review

In this series, board-certified dermatologists review published articles covering various topics such as hair growth, psoriasis, vitiligo, and aesthetics.

Expert Perspectives in Atopic Dermatitis

In this three-video series, experts in atopic dermatitis discuss new JAK inhibitors for the treatment of AD. 

Expert Perspectives in Vitiligo

In this four-video series, experts in vitiligo discuss new developments in disease understanding and exciting new therapies on the horizon. 

Peter Lio, MD: Innovations in JAK Inhibitors

Peter Lio, MD, of Medical Dermatology Associates of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, discusses recent innovations in atopic dermatitis therapies with regard to JAK inhibitors. Dr. Lio discusses several new drugs in this class, including topical ruxolitinib, oral abrocitinib, and oral upadacitinib,...

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Journal Review: Valerie Callender

Valerie Callender, MD, is the Founder and Medical Director of the Callender Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, and is known for her sensitive and cutting-edge approach to the management of hair loss in women. Here, Dr. Callender discusses the article, "A Prospective...

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