Experts in the field discuss new therapies and how they will impact the dermatologist's practice.

Nada Elbuluk, MD: Connecting Patients with Vitiligo with Supportive Resources

Dr. Elbuluk discusses the importance of connecting patients with vitiligo to supportive resources for preventing and mitigating anxiety and depression related to the condition, especially socioeconomically disadvantaged patients who may not be aware of these resources in their community.1


  1. Montgomery SN, Snyder N, N Barajas G, Elbuluk N. Psychological comorbidities of vitiligo: a retrospective cross-sectional analysis in an urban population. Archives of Dermatological Research. 2024;316:14.

Disclosures: Expert Perspectives in Vitiligo is supported by InCyte. Dr. Elbuluk has served as a consultant and advisory board member for InCyte. However, the study discussed by Dr. Elbuluk in this series was not done in association with Incyte and received no funding from Incyte.


Dr. Elbuluk discusses a recently published retrospective chart review that she and her colleagues published in the Archives of Dermatological Research, which included all patients diagnosed with vitiligo treated at a private hospital and a public hospital over a period of ten years, with a focus on associated psychiatric comorbidities. She summarizes the findings of rates of anxiety and depression in patients with vitiligo in terms of gender, race, and socioeconomic status....