Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Psoriasis

Dr. Gelfand discusses cardiovascular risk in patients with psoriasis and advises how dermatologists should be addressing this risk with their patients through education and regular screening for cardiovascular risk factors.

Consulting Patients with Psoriasis on Biologic Therapy

Dr. Del Rosso discusses ways in which he’s modified his consultation style when speaking to patients with psoriasis who are about to commence treatment with a biologic.

The Utilization of TNF Inhibitors for Psoriasis

George Martin, MD, discusses the specific role TNF inhibitors play for the treatment of psoriasis along with an important safety implication to be aware of for treating patients during pregnancy.

Identifying Appropriate Patients for TNF inhibitors

Dr. Del Rosso discusses biologic options for treating patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as well as pregnant patients.

Updates in Systemic Therapies for Psoriasis

Dr. Stein Gold discusses insights from clinical trials on new and upcoming systemic agents for psoriasis, including deucravacitinib and bimekizumab.

George Martin, MD, discusses TNF inhibitors for the treatment of psoriasis and how these classic biologic agents currently fit into the ever-expanding arsenal of drugs for psoriasis.