Aimilios Lallas: Colors in Dermoscopy

EADV presenter Aimilios Lallas, MD, MSc, PhD, discusses his dermoscopy presentation, in which he and his colleagues discussed dermoscopic colors and ways in which physicians can assess morphology based on the colors encountered during dermoscopy.

Thomas Luger: Microbial Skin Defenses

EADV presenter Thomas Luger, MD, of the University of Münster discusses changes in the skin microbiome related to skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, and targeted bacterial therapies on the horizon for these conditions.

Chris Callewaert: Impacts of Urbanization on Skin Microbiome

EADV presenter Chris Callewaert, PhD, from Ghent University discusses his investigation into the effects of urbanization on the human skin microbiome and metabolome through the analysis of skin samples from indigenous communities around the world.